CG-4A Waco Assault Glider

In World War two, American glider pilots were trained at Lubbock, Texas. The City of Lubbock donated US$3M for the construction of a new Silent Wings Museum at Lubbock, and US$600,000 per year to run it. The new museum was opened in October 2002.

The American 17th, 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions used about 350 British Horsa's on operations in Europe. The Horsa had a much greater load carrying capacity than the American Waco. The Silent Wings Museum intends to build a Horsa and as as part of a Trans-Atlantic exchange, they have supplied us with Waco parts in exchange for Horsa sub-assemblies that we have constructed for them. The Waco will form a vital element of our Memorial, to illustrate British airborne operations at Sicily and in the Chindit operations behind Japanese lines in the Burma campaign.