In the summer of 2000, veterans of the Midland Branch of the Glider Pilot Regimental Association decided that an appropriate memorial to airborne forces would be a complete Airspeed Horsa assault glider. This site follows the construction of this unique piece of aviation history.

The full-size replica Horsa assault glider, built by enthusiast volunteers at RAF Shawbury between 2001 and 2014, made its way by sea across the English Channel in June 2019 and was displayed in Holland in September 2019 as part of a major event marking the 75th Anniversary of Operation Market Garden

The Horsa is now on permanent display at the Overloon War Museum in Holland.

The Horsa Arrives in Holland

The Horsa being Assembled in Oosterbeek

Pictures courtesy of Cynner Leiwakabessy FunckSterrShoots PhotoGraphy

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